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The specific binding of 3H-diazepam in the cerebral cortex was investigated in membrane preparations from 6 and 30 month old Fisher-344 rats. No age-related differences in the association, equilibrium, or dissociation, binding characteristics were observed. The increased sensitivity of the elderly to the central sedative effects of the benzodiazepines does(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of diabetes is increasing in young adults in Asia, but little is known about metabolic control or the burden of associated complications in this population. We assessed the prevalence of young-onset versus late-onset type 2 diabetes, and associated risk factors and complication burdens, in the Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation (JADE)(More)
A key issue when incorporating rules into database systems concerns under-strnding alternative semantics of rule application. The database progrsm-ming language Heraclitus[Alg,C] is an HI RMIIUS extension of C that supports the rela-tional algebra and novel constructs related to the specification of these semantics. In particular. the language supports(More)
We report a case of pulmonary hypertension presenting with sudden cardiac arrest, hyperthyroidism and fenfluramine usage. This fatal case of pulmonary hypertension and valvular heart disease is associated with the use of an anorectic drug that had been withdrawn from the market more than eight years ago. Clinicians should alert to the side effects of(More)
AIMS Diabetic kidney disease independently predicts cardiovascular disease and premature death. We examined the burden of chronic kidney disease (CKD, defined as an estimated GFR < 60 ml/min/1.73 m(2) ) and quality of care in a cross-sectional survey of adults (age ≥ 18 years) with Type 2 diabetes across Asia. METHODS The Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation(More)
Autoimmune polyendocrinopathy type II is rarely reported in Chinese patients. A 42-year-old Chinese woman with a history of Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism presented with pneumonia. During hospitalisation, she went into an adrenal crisis and diabetic ketoacidosis. Subsequent dynamic hormonal tests revealed primary and secondary(More)
INTRODUCTION Anti-thyroid drugs (ATDs)-related myopathy is rarely reported in literature, but once developed, it can cause significant morbidity to patient. CASE PRESENTATION A 28-year old Chinese female was treated with carbimazole (CMZ) for Graves' disease with hyperthyroidism. Two weeks later, she developed myalgia and proximal muscle weakness.(More)
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