Chiu-Ping Kuo

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The cellular immune response for Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) infection remained incompletely understood. To uncover membrane proteins involved in this infection mechanism, an integrated approach consisting of an organic solvent-assisted membrane protein digestion, stable-isotope dimethyl labeling and liquid chromatography-tandem mass(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Tuberculosis (TB) risk might be increased in patients with diabetes by factors other than hyperglycaemia, such as dyslipidaemia. Host lipids are essential energy sources used by mycobacteria to persist in a latent TB state. A potential therapy targeting cholesterol catabolism of mycobacteria has been proposed, but the potential of(More)
Agenesis of the right upper lobe of the lung is a very uncommon congenital anomaly and may be referred to chest clinics in adulthood for an incidental finding of abnormal chest radiograph. The presentations of chest radiograph may imitate many common situations such as right upper lobe collapse presenting as an ipsilateral shifting of the mediastinum or(More)
Upper airway obstruction secondary to a carotid mycotic aneurysm has not been previously reported. We describe a patient with a mycotic aneurysm associated with a deep neck infection and presenting with acute tracheal obstruction. Recognition of this condition is important to avoid inadvertent rupture of the aneurysm in the course of diagnostic aspiration(More)
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