Chiu-Ping Chang

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Network bandwidth and hardware technology are developing rapidly, resulting in the vigorous development of the Internet. A concept, cloud computing, uses low-power hosts to achieve high usability. The cloud computing refers to a class of systems and applications that employ distributed resources to perform a function in a decentralized manner. Cloud(More)
Grid computing has become conventional in distributed systems due to technological advancements and network popularity. Grid computing facilitates distributed applications by integrating available idle network computing resources into formidable computing power. As a result, by using efficient integration and sharing of resources, this enables abundant(More)
Most DHT-based P2P search systems assume implicitly that the participating peers contain multiple objects. The distributed hash table (DHT) is used as a directory to store the keys of these objects for efficient lookup. However, maintaining the DHT and keeping its contents fresh require substantial message and storage overhead. In this paper, we study(More)
Web 2.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) has becoming popular in the last decade. This paper firstly focuses on the survey of required IT technologies in e-Pets. Without concerning the issues on mechanical components and sculpture designs, we examine the evolution path and rough taxonomy of current ePets products. With the explosion of Internet of Thing and Web(More)
In recent years, network bandwidth and quality has been drastically improved in a speed even much faster than the enhancement of computer performance. Various communication and computing tasks in the fields can be integrated and applied in a distributed system in nowadays. However, those resources are heterogeneous and dynamic in distributed systems(More)
Many P2P VoD systems have been proposed, but only few can support VCR operations. Most of the works require very well provisioned source servers to guarantee the quality. The challenge is to do the same without requiring well provisioned source servers. In this paper, we take the heterogeneity of bandwidth into consideration, and also consider the practical(More)
The heterogeneous photocatalytic oxidation of gaseous N,N'-dimethylformamide (DMF) widely used in the manufacture of synthetic leather and synthetic textile was investigated. The experiments were carried out in a plug flow annular photoreactor coated with Degussa P-25 TiO2. The oxidation rate was dependent on DMF concentration, reaction temperature, water(More)
In a large scale networked virtual environment, users may request various multimedia data in streaming. Although adopting a peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture can make the transmission of on-demand streaming more efficient, most existing research assume that the peers have infinite buffer to cache the entire content and supply the data from there. In this(More)
In recent years, people are more rely on wireless network services so that they may obtain latest information at any time anywhere. Of wireless networks, to effectively allow several or more mobile devices to send data with one another has become an important research topic. In our research, the Mobile Agent is adapted to assists Mobile Host within the(More)
Trace-driven simulation has been used widely for architectural exploitation in electronic system-level (ESL) designs for complex SoCs (system-on-chips). Most often the trace files are provided by third parties without source code. This makes it difficult to process and manipulate the trace files, e.g. to identify the region of interest (ROI), for efficient(More)