Chiu-Ling Chen

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The investigation explores the factors that influence the long-term performance of high-power 1 W white light emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs underwent an aging test in which they were exposed to various temperatures and electrical currents, to identify both their degradation mechanisms and the limitations of the LED chip and package materials. The degradation(More)
Baculovirus (BV) is a promising gene vector but mediates transient expression. To prolong the expression, we developed a binary system whereby the transgene in the substrate BV was excised by the recombinase (ΦC31o, Cre or FLPo) expressed by a second BV and recombined into smaller minicircle. The recombination efficiency was lower by ΦC31o (≈40-75%), but(More)
In reliability analysis, engineers lacks confidence to verify the mean time to failure of high power light emitting diodes from aging or degradation tests. The lifetime information, however, is important to manufacturers to improve the quality of light emitting diodes. The paper provides a bootstrap computation procedure to infer the mean time to failure of(More)
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