Chiu-Chen Huang

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Nine rats (16.4%) out of 55 (Rattus norvegicus) from cattle farms were seropositive to Neospora caninum. Two of the seropositive rats were also PCR positive but all were negative by immunohistochemistry and PAS staining. The brains of all the captured rats were homogenized and initially inoculated intraperitoneally into nude mice or into SPF ICR mice, which(More)
The heart consists of cardiocytes and the interstitial extracellular matrix (ECM), which is made up mainly of collagens. The ECM has been suggested to be important in maintaining the structure and function of the heart. This investigation attempted to elucidate the changes in the ECM collagens in the hearts of canines with dirofilariasis. The ECM collagen(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the present study was to analyze the clinical presentation, histopathology, and complications of parotid tumors, as well as the management of malignant parotid tumors. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 271 patients who underwent parotidectomy from August 1996 to July 2006. Data including age, sex, clinical signs(More)
OBJECTIVES Grape-seed procyanidins (GSPs) can inhibit cell proliferation and invasiveness in various human cancers. However, the effect of GSP on pancreatic carcinoma cells has not been investigated. METHODS Pancreatic carcinoma cell lines MIA PaCa-2 and BxPC-3 treated with GSP were assessed for viability by trypan blue exclusion, for cell cycle(More)
The Litchi (Litchi chinensis) fruit products possess rich amounts of flavanoids and proanthocyanidins. Its pericarp has been shown to inhibit breast and liver cancer cell growth. However, the anticolorectal cancer effect of Litchi seed extract has not yet been reported. In this study, the effects of polyphenol-rich Litchi seed ethanol extract (LCSP) on the(More)
Antibodies have been developed as therapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer, infection, and inflammation. In addition to binding activity toward the target, antibodies also exhibit effector-mediated activities through the interaction of the Fc glycan and the Fc receptors on immune cells. To identify the optimal glycan structures for individual(More)
BACKGROUND Interleukin-6 (IL-6) promotes proliferation and invasion in colorectal carcinoma, and serum IL-6 levels are correlated with survival in patients with colorectal carcinoma. In this study, we attempted to clarify the signal pathway downstream of IL-6 and the role of the IL-6 receptor complex in terms of the biological effects of clonogenic growth(More)
Heterologous viral infections have been shown to impact the preexisting memory CD8(+)-T-cell repertoire. Bacterial superantigens are products of common human pathogenic bacteria, including staphylococci and streptococci, that are potent T-cell-stimulatory molecules. In this report, we show that exposure to staphylococcal enterotoxin B, a bacterial(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertension and fluctuations in blood pressure (BP) during lumbar spinal surgery in the prone position under anesthesia are not unusual. The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes of the decrease in BP during lumbar spinal surgery in the prone position using a noninvasive monitor of cardiac output. METHODS Twenty ASA Class I or II(More)
BACKGROUND Litchi seeds possess rich amounts of phenolics and have been shown to inhibit proliferation of several types of cancer cells. However, the suppression of EGFR signaling in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) by litchi seed extract (LCSE) has not been fully understood. METHODS In this study, the effects of LCSE on EGFR signaling, cell(More)