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Levy and Ellis (2006) and Webster and Watson (2002) lament the fact that information systems (IS) scholars tend to be unaware of the need for structure in literature reviews. Even today, the rigorous, standardized methodology for conducting a systematic literature review (SLR) that has developed from the health sciences and other fields is virtually unknown(More)
Research with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), a major region within the world’s second largest continent, is almost non-existent in mainstream information systems research. Although infrastructures for information and communication technology (ICT) are well established in the more developed and industrialized parts of the world, the same is not true(More)
Wikipedia might possibly be the best-developed attempt thus far of the enduring quest to gather all human knowledge in one place. Its accomplishments in this regard have made it an irresistible point of inquiry for researchers from various fields of knowledge. A decade of research has thrown light on many aspects of the Wikipedia community, its processes,(More)
By the end of 2001, an estimated 40 million people worldwide—2.7 million under age 15—were living with HIV/AIDS. More than 70 percent of these people (28.1 million) live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Another killer, malaria, is responsible for as many as half the deaths of African children under the age of five. The disease kills more than one million children(More)
As the open source movement grows, it becomes important to understand the dynamics that affect the motivation of participants who contribute their time freely to such projects. One important motivation that has been identified is the desire for formal recognition in the open source community. We investigated the impact of social capital in participants’(More)
We applied the Input-Process-Output approach and Time, Interaction, and Performance theory to examine the input factors (organisational, group-related, and individual) and process factors (group production, group well-being, and member support) that yield group effectiveness, measured as highquality articles in Wikipedia. The results provided evidence of(More)
Hundreds of scholarly studies have investigated various aspects of the immensely popular Wikipedia. Although a number of literature reviews have provided overviews of this vast body of research, none of them has specifically focused on the readers of Wikipedia and issues concerning its readership. In this systematic literature review, we review 99 studies(More)