Chittaranjan A. Mandal

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In this paper, we present an approach for human fall detection , which has an important application in the field of safety and security. The proposed approach consists of two part: object detection and fall model. We use an adaptive background subtraction method to detect moving object and mark it with minimum-bounding box. Fall model uses a set of(More)
Loop and arithmetic transformations are applied extensively on array and loop intensive behaviours while designing area/energy efficient systems in the domain of multimedia and signal processing applications. Ensuring correctness of such transformations is crucial for the reliability of the designed systems. Initially, verification of these transformations(More)
This paper describes a formal method for checking the equivalence between the finite state machine with data path (FSMD) model of the high-level behavioural specification and the FSMD model of the behaviour transformed by the scheduler. The method consists in introducing cutpoints in one FSMD, visualizing its computations as concatenation of paths from(More)
In this paper we examine the multi-criteria optimization involved in scheduling for data path synthesis (DPS). The criteria we examine are the area cost of the components and the schedule time. Scheduling for DPS is a well known NP-Complete problem. We present a method to nd non-dominated schedules using a combination of restricted search and heuristic(More)