Chitranjan Kumar

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Plants and most of the microorganisms in the rhizosphere have symbiotic relationships. While rhizodeposits (root exudates having lysates, mucilages) provide the food and influence the structure and number of microorganisms in the rhizosphere, the latter benefit the plants through secretion of a number of growth promoting hormones, organic acids and(More)
A field experiment was designed to investigate the effects of cadmium and lead on biomass production, sugar and vitamin C content of dietary vegetables. At seedling stage the reduction magnitudes in biomass production with added cadmium up to 50 mg kg−1 soils were 49–51 % in fenugreek root and 32.2–39.6 % in spinach leaf; while at 40 days after sowing(More)
A detailed nonlinear time series analysis of the hourly data of the geomagnetic horizontal intensity H measured at Kodaikanal (10.2 • N; 77.5 • E; mag: dip 3.5 • N) has been carried out to investigate the dynamical behaviour of the fluctuations of H. The recurrence plots, spatiotemporal entropy and the result of the surrogate data test show the(More)
Sorghum of the family Poaceae is one of the important cereal crops of India which accumulate silica in the form of phytoliths. Silica which forms phytoliths has manifold role in the crop plants. It enhances the crop quality, yield, growth and protects the plant from various biotic and abiotic hurdles. Present paper provides brief observations of the(More)
Nanomaterials are finding widespread applications in industry, agriculture and environment due to their unique properties. But, before these materials are widely in use, their impact on soil ecology needs to be thoroughly investigated. In addition, how the nanoparticles behave in soil under elevated CO2 is unknown. A pot culture experiment was conducted(More)
Wavelet transformation has been applied to various problems of system identification. In this paper, a wavelet based approach for the identification of time-invariant system is proposed. In this approach, mother wavelet is used for excitation to find the impulse response, which can be estimated at half the available number of points of the sampled output(More)
Value addition of a beverage was carried out by blending mango juice at three concentrations (5, 10 and 15 %) with skimmed milk and three concentrations (3, 3.5 and 4.0 %) of vegetable oil with 80 % rice bran oil and 20 % Carthamus tinctorius L. oil (Saffola Gold ). Sensory evaluation showed significant differences in flavour and taste, consistency and(More)
Municipal sewage triggers a stress prone environment to accumulate polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) in the cytosol of bacteria. In view of that, different Bacillus species were isolated from municipal sewage and screened for evaluating their efficacy of PHA production. Growth parameters such as temperature, pH, glucose concentration and carbon nitrogen(More)
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