Chitra Manos

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Several plant growth regulators (0.3–53.3 μm 6-benzyladenine, 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, gibberellic acid, 3-indoleacetic acid, p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, kinetin and α-naphthylacetic acid), alone or in combination, and culture conditions were tested for their capacity to induce somatic embryogenesis from mature leaf and stem explants of rose (Rosa(More)
Objective. To describe the technique, applications and advantages of 18FDG PET scanning in detection, analysis and management of musculoskeletal lesions. Design and patients. Forty-five patients (19 males,26 females) aged 9 to 81 years had radiographs, routine radionuclide scans, CT and/or MRI of clinically suspected active benign or malignant(More)
Human sera and anti-inflammatory drugs were compared for their ability to inhibit the zymosan-induced release of beta-glucuronidase from cultured rat peritoneal macrophages. Late pregnancy serum was the most potent in this respect and produced a dose-related suppression with a maximum of 94% when 15% (v/v) serum was incorporated into the culture medium. The(More)
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