Chitr Sitthi-amorn

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BACKGROUND Psychosocial factors have been reported to be independently associated with coronary heart disease. However, previous studies have been in mainly North American or European populations. The aim of the present analysis was to investigate the relation of psychosocial factors to risk of myocardial infarction in 24767 people from 52 countries. (More)
BACKGROUND The Commission on Health Research for Development concluded that "for the most vulnerable people, the benefits of research offer a potential for change that has gone largely untapped." This project was designed to assess low and middle income country capacity and commitment for equity-oriented research. METHODS A multi-disciplinary team with(More)
BACKGROUND The population structure of the causative agents of human malaria, Plasmodium sp., including the most serious agent Plasmodium falciparum, depends on the local epidemiological and demographic situations, such as the incidence of infected people, the vector transmission intensity and migration of inhabitants (i.e. exchange between sites).(More)
Electrophysiological mapping using multiple-unit criteria was employed to study the representation of the visual field in the superior colliculus of the rabbit. It was found that the contralateral superior colliculus of the rabbit has an extended representation beyond the representation of the zero vertical meridian or the line of decussation in the(More)
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