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Many natural language processing tasks, including information extraction, question answering and recognizing textual entailment, require analysis of the polarity, focus of polarity, tense, aspect, mood and source of the event mentions in a text in addition to its predicateargument structure analysis. We refer to modality, polarity and other associated(More)
This paper proposes a new UGC-oriented language technology application, which we call experience mining. Experience mining aims at automatically collecting instances of personal experiences as well as opinions from an explosive number of user generated contents (UGCs) such as weblog and forum posts and storing them in an experience database with(More)
On the Internet, users often encounter noise in the form of spelling errors or unknown words, however, dishonest, unreliable, or biased information also acts as noise that makes it difficult to find credible sources of information. As people come to rely on the Internet for more and more information, reducing this credibility noise grows ever more urgent.(More)
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