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Xylans constitute the major non-cellulosic component of plant biomass. Xylan biosynthesis is particularly pronounced in cells with secondary walls, implying that the synthesis network consists of a set of highly expressed genes in such cells. To improve the understanding of xylan biosynthesis, we performed a comparative analysis of co-expression networks(More)
The role of prebiotics in improving human health has attracted global attention and the research is mostly focused on the strains belonging to the genera Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. Non-digestible oligosaccharides hold significant role in recent research due to their prebiotic nature. Soluble polysaccharides (SP, 14.4%), isolated from ragi bran(More)
The production of ethanol from pretreated plant biomass during fermentation is a strategy to mitigate climate change by substituting fossil fuels. However, biomass conversion is mainly limited by the recalcitrant nature of the plant cell wall. To overcome recalcitrance, the optimization of the plant cell wall for subsequent processing is a promising(More)
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