Chita Ranjan Tripathy

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This paper describes a new technique for the design of Adaptive Median Filtering Technique, aimed at removing the impulse noise (salt and pepper noise) from the image and reducing distortion in the image. The filter is designed to reconfigure itself and provide real-time noise reduction. This paper investigates a high-speed non-linear Adaptive median filter(More)
This paper introduces a new interconnection network topology called Balanced Varietal Hypercube (BVH), suitable for massively parallel systems. The proposed topology being a hybrid structure retains almost all the attractive properties of Balanced Hypercube and Varietal Hypercube. The topology, various parameters, routing and broadcasting of Balanced(More)
With the development of network multimedia technology, more and more real-time multimedia applications need to transmit information using multicast. The basis of multicast data transmission is to construct a multicast tree. The main problem concerning the construction of a shared multicast tree is selection of a root of the shared tree or the core point. In(More)
Grid computing has emerged a new field, distinguished from conventional distributed computing. It focuses on large-scale resource sharing, innovative applications and in some cases, high performance orientation. The Grid serves as a comprehensive and complete system for organizations by which the maximum utilization of resources is achieved. The load(More)
Resource allocation is a n-p hard problem. In spite of different proposed algorithms and methods, still it is a challenging one. VMs are basically considered as a resource in cloud computing. In his paper, we are considering the resource allocation in Haizea model which is an open-source VM-based lease management architecture and acts as a resource manager.(More)