Chita Ranjan Tripathy

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This paper describes a new technique for the design of Adaptive Median Filtering Technique, aimed at removing the impulse noise (salt and pepper noise) from the image and reducing distortion in the image. The filter is designed to reconfigure itself and provide real-time noise reduction. This paper investigates a high-speed non-linear Adaptive median filter(More)
This paper introduces a new interconnection network topology called Balanced Varietal Hypercube (BVH), suitable for massively parallel systems. The proposed topology being a hybrid structure retains almost all the attractive properties of Balanced Hypercube and Varietal Hypercube. The topology, various parameters, routing and broadcasting of Balanced(More)
Study of parallel computer interconnection network topology has been made along with the various interconnection networks emphasizing the cube based topologies in particular. This paper proposes a new cube based topology called the Folded crossed cube with better features such as reduced diameter, cost and improved broadcast time, better fault tolerance and(More)
This paper proposes a distributed shared memory cluster architecture with load balancing. The architecture is based on dynamic task scheduling approach for distribution and assignment. It enhances the performance of communication across clusters for data access. The proposed dynamic load balancing model uses the concept of work stealing, which intelligently(More)