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The Penn State RS/6000 SP is a uniquely acquired and operated computing facility. This 143 CPU machine, centrally located and jointly owned, is a result of collaboration between academic departments, research groups, and the central academic computing facility. It is the largest on-campus resource at Penn State for meeting the high performance computing(More)
The following paper develops the theories and methods used in a gesture recognition system implemented as a human-computer interface (HCI). The gesture recognition system recognizes four fundamental static hand gestures and variations for a total of nine gestures. The system uses a variation of the CAMSHIFT algorithm for hand tracking and a minimum distance(More)
This paper focuses on operation of small scale renewable plants so that the energy produced can be utilized to its highest potential. Energy crisis being one of the main problems is leading the researchers to find fossil fuel replacement which is eventually renewable energy. In most cases, renewable energy is unpredictable as tehy rely on the nature.(More)
Nowadays, Power crisis is one of the greatest problems of Bangladesh. Most of the electricity produced in Bangladesh is based on non-renewable energy resources. The reserve of Natural resources or non-renewable energy sources such as: fossil fuels, oil, natural gas etc are limited. So this is the time to search such a system where the residential areas of(More)
Continuous technology scaling has enabled the integration of hundreds of processing cores on the same silicon substrate, therefore allowing for the concurrent execution of multiple applications on a chip. For such systems, traditional solutions for on-chip communication are likely unable to scale, thereby requiring a departure from classic on-chip(More)
There are an increasing number of neuromorphic hardware platforms designed to efficiently support neural network inference tasks. However, many applications contain structured processing in addition to classification. Being able to map both neural network classification and structured computation onto the same platform is appealing from a system design(More)
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