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ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management systems and CMMI is a model for process improvement. If an ISO-certified organization wishes to improve its processes continuously, implementing CMMI would be a good choice, as it provides more detailed practices for process improvement than the ISO standards. However, there are two issues that need to be(More)
ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management systems while CMMI is a model for process improvement. If an organization that has achieved ISO registration wishes to improve processes continuously, CMMI can be a strong candidate because it provides a more detailed roadmap for process improvement. However, with respect to adopting CMMI in organizations that(More)
Design patterns are actively used by developers expecting that they provide the design with good quality such as flexibility and reusability. However, according to industrial reports on the use of design patterns, the expectation is not always realized [1, 2]. Especially, [2] points out two causes of inappropriately applied patterns from a case study on a(More)
Web applications are becoming more and more important with the rapid increase in the web environment. The maintenance of web applications is also one of the main problems in that area. Traditional maintenance approach can no longer be applied to web applications, because of the specific characteristics of web applications. In this paper, a complexity(More)
Agile and systematic development is important in Web application methodology because clients expect their frequent requirement changes to be implemented rapidly and regularly. However, previous studies may not be suitable for such development. In this paper we propose a methodology for agile and somewhat systematic development of Web application. The(More)
Intelligent Service Robot (ISR) will grow to provide useful services for human as a need to support household chores and human function spreads and our community goes into an aging society. Self- reconfiguration of ISR is an important factor to change itself without stopping while supporting environment and technology change. Service Oriented Architecture(More)