Chistos Faloutsos

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The study of complex social and technological systems, such as organizations, requires a sophisticated approach that accounts for the underlying psychological and sociological principles, communication patterns and the technologies within these systems. Social Network Analysis and link analysis have since inception operated on the cutting edge bringing(More)
This paper presents a highly scalable and adaptable co-learning framework on multimodal image retrieval and image annotation. The co-learning framework is based on the multiple instance learning theory. While this framework is a general framework that may be used in any specific domains, to evaluate this framework, we apply it to the Berkeley Drosophila ISH(More)
R-Tree is a multidimensional indexing structure that forms basis for all the multidimensional indexing structures based on data partitioning. A number of attempts have been made in the past to improve the performance of R-Tree by manipulating the tree parameters and the data parameters. But hardly any attempt had been made to use external parameters such as(More)
Security has become one of the major issues for data communication over wired and wireless networks. Different from the past work on the designs of cryptography algorithms and system infrastructures, we will propose a dynamic routing algorithm that could randomize delivery paths for data transmission. The algorithm is easy to implement and compatible with(More)
We consider the problem of discovering frequent item sets and association rules between items in a large database of transactional databases acquired under uncertainty. A probabilistic database considered here is one in which with each transaction associated is a probability, represents the confidence that the transaction will occur with given associated(More)
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