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Dihydroresveratrol cellobioside and xylobioside, whose structures were designed based on that of the naturally occurring melanogenesis-controlling agent dihydroresveratrol glucoside, were synthesized via Schmidt glycosylation as the key step. Both analogues stimulated melanogenesis with efficacies comparable to that of 8-methoxypsoralen, a well-known(More)
Dihydroresveratrol glucoside 1 isolated from Camellia oleifera and its xyloside derivative 2 were synthesized for the first time in 5 steps from TBS-protected aldehyde 4. Natural product 1 is a potent melanogenesis inhibitor in B16F0 melanoma cells (approximately 40 fold more potent than kojic acid). In contrast, the synthetic product 2 stimulates(More)
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