Chisato Murakami

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A new species of echinoderid kinorhynch, Echinoderes sensibilis, is described and illustrated using light and electron microscopy. The specimens were collected from masses of the red algae Corallina pilulifera growing in intertidal pools in Tanabe Bay, Honshu Island, Japan. Diagnostic characters of E. sensibilis include the presence of middorsal spines on(More)
The gastric-brooding asterinid sea star, Smilasterias multipara, broods from late August to early November in the shallow sublittoral zone of southeastern Australia. We observed males and females spawning in the laboratory. They shed gametes through gonopores on the sides of the arms. The eggs were orange, about 1.0 mm in diameter, and heavier than(More)
Force sensor has been used as requisite for knowing information on the amount and the directions of forces on the skin surface. We have developed a four-degrees-of-freedom capacitive force sensor (approximately 20×20×5 mm) that has a flexible structure and sixteen parallel plate capacitors. An iterative algorithm was developed for estimating four(More)
North Pacific armorhead Pentaceros wheeleri specimens collected through pelagic surveys in the North Pacific were analyzed to estimate the distribution, hatching season, growth, and the duration of the epipelagic life stage. Most pelagic specimens were collected in the central and eastern North Pacific (36–50°N, 178°E–137°W). This area was considered to be(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of our study was to develop a novel capacitive force sensor that enables simultaneous measurements of yaw torque around the pressure axis and normal force and shear forces at a single point for the purpose of elucidating pressure ulcer pathogenesis and establishing criteria for selection of cushions and mattresses. METHODS Two(More)
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