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Millimeter-Wave and sub-THz imaging sensors have been demonstrated in CMOS technology recently. Mechanical scanners are still required to capture the whole image, making the systems bulky and costly. The limited resolution of the third-dimension (z-direction) also leads to a vague 3D picture. Other 2D solutions need not only focal lens, but large chip area(More)
Two radar engines targeting CW/FMCW/pulse structures have been reported in this paper for 24/26GHz multi-standard applications. Temperature compensation, injection-locking PLL, and Butler matrix techniques have been adopted in this work to achieve full operation with remarkable performance. Index Terms —Butler matrix, continuous-wave (CW) radar, CMOS,(More)
A 79-GHz fully-integrated bidirectional pulse radar system with injection-regenerative receiver is demonstrated in 65 nm CMOS. The novel design for the impedance transformation of PA/LNA improves the TX efficiency and RX noise figure significantly in comparison with the traditional RF switch. The injection-regenerative oscillator is proposed to increase the(More)
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