Chirag V. Pathak

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1. ABSTRACT Agent systems must have foundation; one approach that successfully applied to other so&are is patterns. This paper collection of patterns for agents. 2. MOTIVATION Almost all agent development to date has a strong has been kinds of presents a been " home grown " [4] and done from scratch, independently, by each development team. This has led to(More)
1. OVERVIEW This paper presents a collection of patterns within a pattern language for agent based systems. Agents have appeared in a wide range of applications, including personalized user interfaces, enterprise integration, manufacturing, and business process support. They are viewed as the next significant software abstraction, and it is expected they(More)
Agents are the next significant software abstraction, especially for distributed systems. Agent based systems have been developed in response to the following requirements:-Personalized and customized user interfaces that are pro-active in assisting the user-Adaptable, fault tolerant distributed systems that solve complex problems-Open systems where(More)
The goal of this chapter is to summarize research and experience in designing and developing an application framework for intelligent and mobile agents. The chapter also presents agents and agent based systems as a new and important area for application frameworks. Agents are the next significant software abstraction, especially for distributed systems.(More)
1. Introduction The Internet has huge amount of information which is increasing exponentially. This information is accessible to any web user. The disadvantage of lack of access control is that any web user can access the information. The content of the information may not be appropriate for every user. For example pornograhical material would not be(More)
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