Chirag N. Modi

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One of the major security issues in cloud computing is to protect against network intrusions that affect confidentiality, availability and integrity of Cloud resources and offered services. To address this issue, we design and integrate Bayesian Classifier and Snort based network intrusion detection system (NIDS) in Cloud. This framework aims to detect(More)
—The major security concern in Cloud computing is to detect intrusions at virtual network layer. In this paper, we propose an efficient security framework to detect intrusions at the virtual network layer of Cloud. It combines signature and anomaly based techniques to detect both known and unknown attacks. It monitors multiple virtual machines at the host(More)
Virtualization plays a vital role in the construction of cloud computing. However, various vulnerabilities are existing in current virtualization implementations, and thus there are various security challenges at virtualization layer. In this paper, we investigate different vulnerabilities and attacks at virtualization layer of cloud computing. We examine(More)
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