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This paper presents a cellular network based positioning algorithm in an urban environment characterized by multipath and severe non line of sight (NLOS) errors. The proposed algorithm mitigates localization error up to 75% as shown by the simulation results. The algorithm involves an initial averaging step followed by a prediction step for optimization,(More)
MOTIVATION As the blueprints of cellular actions, biological pathways characterize the roles of genomic entities in various cellular mechanisms, and as such, their availability, manipulation and queriability over the web is important to facilitate ongoing biological research. RESULTS In this article, we present the new features of PathCase, a system to(More)
In this paper, we propose the “added” use of proximity search to a web search query for narrowing down the set of documents returned as answers to a keyword based search query. This approach adds value to web search query results by allowing users to better express what they are looking for. Most of the current search engines provide limited(More)
In this paper, a novel compact ultrawideband (UWB) frequency-band reconfigurable antenna with seven switchable states including an ultra wideband (UWB) state , three narrowband states, one dual-band state and one triple band state is presented. In ultrawide band (UWB) state, antenna yields an impedance bandwidth of 2.54 to 11.71 GHz with return loss(More)
This paper describes a method to optimize the plane sweep algorithm. The goal of this paper is to develop a method that reduces the comparison through removing the tandem replicated word comparison and also using partial search technique in a document for escaping from the keywords that are ineffective. The approach introduces Plane Sweep algorithm that is(More)
Induction motors are being applied today to a wider range of applications requiring variable speed. Generally, variable speed drives for Induction Motor require both wide operating range of speed and fast torque response, regardless of any disturbances and uncertainties (like load variation, parameters variation and un-modeled dynamics). This leads to more(More)
Increasing the grain yield of cereals, which is stable under unfavorable environmental stress, is a major objective to sustain production and feed the growing world population. Recently, we functionally characterized a receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase, named GROWTH UNDER DROUGHT KINASE (GUDK), revealing its role in regulating grain yield under well-watered(More)
Research on the cognitive science of sentence processing has been driven heavily by the study of resolution of syntactic ambiguity in Garden Path sentences. Recent work has shown that apart from syntax, semantics is another essential component that affects the analysis of sentences. In this study, we analyze the role of semantic plausibility in resolution(More)
— Users of mobile communication devices have dramatically increased in the last twodecade. This proliferated the need of a more effective and secures signal scrambler for a cultured society. Mobile jammer circuits are used to prevent mobile phones from receiving or transmitting signals. Mobile jammer effectively disables mobile phones within the defined(More)