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3-dimensional (3D) reconstruction is an emerging field in image processing and computer vision that aims to create 3D visualizations/ models of objects/ scenes from image sets. However, its commercial applications and benefits are yet to be fully explored. In this paper, we describe ongoing work towards assessing the value of 3D reconstruction in the(More)
Magnetoresistance (MR), the change of a material's electrical resistance in response to an applied magnetic field, is a technologically important property that has been the topic of intense study for more than a quarter century. We report the observation of an unusual "butterfly"-shaped titanic angular magnetoresistance (AMR) in the nonmagnetic Dirac(More)
With the increase in process variations and diversity in workloads, it is imperative to holistically explore optimization techniques for power and temperature from the circuit layer right up to the compiler/<i>operating system</i> (OS) layer. This article proposes one such holistic technique, called <i>proactive workload aware temperature management(More)
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