Chirag B. Pandya

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The design of a new potent nonsteroidal ecdysone agonist led to the discovery of a diethylaminosulfur trifluoride (DAST)-mediated cyclization of α,α-disubstituted-α-acylaminoketones. The resulting fluorooxazolines can be ring-opened or selectively substituted by a range of nucleophiles to provide in high yields a diverse array of unprecedented heterocyclic(More)
In a hospital-based case-control study of 1441 patients with age-related cataracts and 549 controls, we studied associations between types of cataract--nuclear, cortical, posterior subcapsular, and mixed--and a number of physiologic, behavioral, environmental, and biochemical variables. Using polychotomous logistic regression analysis, we found an increased(More)
The authors examined 100 carbon disulphide (CS2) exposed male workers who had been employed ten years prior to study were selected for the study. They were virtually obliged to participate in the study by the Medical Labor Inspector and all of them participated voluntary. The aim was to assess the effects of occupational exposure to carbon disulphide(More)
Linked open data also known as web of linked data is a globally distributed database. The four fold increase in the use of linked open data shows its need in the future. This linked data can be queried with SPARQL protocol and RDF query language also known as SPARQL. Various optimization techniques have been proposed but just a couple implemented as yet. In(More)
A rapid and sensitive Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic [RP-HPLC] method was developed for the estimation of Ziprasidone HCl Monohydrate [ZHM] in pure and its capsule dosage forms. The method was validated as per International Conference on Harmonization [ICH] guidelines. YMC C18 column (150×4.6mm, 3μm) was used with a mobile phase(More)