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The problem of generating the test cases is one of the most important issues in the software testing research and practice. Test threads, especially the thin-threads which are the usage scenarios in a software system, are frequently used to generate test cases for the scenario-based software testing. However, the derivation of the test threads is usually a(More)
Test case generation is one of the most important issues in software testing research and industrial practice. Test scenarios are frequently used to derive test cases for scenario-based software testing. However, the generation of the test scenarios is usually a manual and labor-intensive task. It is desired that test scenarios can be automatically(More)
SUMMARY Although a number of weaknesses of symbolic execution, when used for software testing, have been highlighted in the literature, the recent resurgence of strongly-typed languages has created opportunities for reexamining symbolic execution to determine whether these shortfalls can be overcome. This paper discusses symbolic execution in general and(More)
Although attention has been given to the use of UML (Unified Modelling Language) activity diagrams in the generation of scenarios, thin-threads and test-cases, the processes described in the literature rely heavily on manual intervention either in the information extraction process or in the process of transforming them to an alternate structure. This paper(More)