Chiou-Mei Chen

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Recently, many related researches focus on using mathematical approaches or artificial techniques to efficiently improve software development process (SDP). This paper provides a managerial viewpoint to discuss software process improvement (SPI) and introduces an alternative orientation that can lead to asking new questions. We combine activity-based(More)
The increasingly dynamic external environment serves as one risk factor which undermines information system development (ISD) project performance. This highlights the importance of ISD teams having certain capabilities to respond to the external variations. In this study, we proposed that ISD teams can better react to external changes and achieve goals if(More)
PURPOSE Opsoclonus is a rare neurological disorder in adult. The etiology of opsoclonus includes parainfectious, paraneoplastic, toxic, and metabolic disorders. We reported an old female with post-infectious opsoclonus who had a benign clinical course and reversible brain MRI lesions, and its review of the literature. CASE REPORT A 67-year-old woman(More)
This study extends channel expansion theory to apply in technology transfer and proposes an empirical framework for investigating the relationships of channel experience, richness perception of channel and effectiveness of technology transfer. The results of this study indicate that (1) experience with the communication channel, experiences with the(More)
Information systems development (ISD) work entails a series of problem solving activities and, therefore, knowing how to enhance problem solving competence is critical for project success. Since ISD is a knowledge intensive task, problem solving competence is largely determined whether the members can effectively utilize knowledge resources located within(More)
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