Chinyelu Nwokolo

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Aflatoxin, one of the most widespread of the known carcinogens, is present at a high level in most common foods stored poorly for long periods in Nigeria. It may work synergistically with other carcinogens to produce the high incidence of primary liver cancer seen in young men under the age of 40. In the northern savanna areas cereals, especially sorghum(More)
Test anxiety is an observable fact that many students usually encounter during tests. It is considered to be one of the most common and widespread emotions, with a large number of the student population suffering from its excessive and overbearing level. This study investigated the Effect of Systematic Desensitisation Technique in reducing Test Anxiety(More)
Eleven patients (nine men, one woman, and one girl) aged 11-62 years who developed diabetes mellitus after an attack of infectious hepatitis during the Eastern Nigerian epidemic of 1970-2 were followed up for two to nine years. One patient aged 60 years remained diabetic after the original illness. In the remaining 10 patients the diabetes remitted after(More)