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The trouble with Nigeria
There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra
From the legendary author of Things Fall Apart comes this long-awaited memoir recalling Chinua Achebe's personal experiences of and reflections on the Biafran War, one of Nigeria's most tragic civilExpand
Anthills of the Savannah
Roman decrivant le destin de deux intellectuels d'un pays africain imaginaire et de leur amie commune et illustrant la reflexion de l'auteur sur le role et la responsabilite des intellectuels dansExpand
Arrow of God
Ezeulu, the chief priest of Ulu, has rivals in the tribe, in the white government and even in his own family. Surrounded by trouble, he adopts an increasingly cosmic view of events - surely in theExpand
Morning Yet on Creation Day: Essays
A Man of the People
As Minister for Culture, the Honourable M. A. Nanga is 'a man of the people', as cynical as he is charming, and a roguish opportunist. At first, the contrast between Nanga and Odili, a former pupilExpand
An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
Chinua Achebe’s Chancellor’s Lecture “An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness” delivered February 18, 1975, at the University of Massachusetts. Achebe discusses the racist portrayalExpand
English and the African Writer
I am sure that Obi Wali must have felt triumphantly vindicated when he saw the report of a different kind of conference held later at Fourah Bay to discuss African literature and the UniversityExpand
Home and Exile
This trenchant and illuminating book by one of Africa's most influential and celebrated writers is a major statement on the importance and dangers of stories, one in which Achebe makes telling use ofExpand