Chintan Vaishnav

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WDM networks in general depend on transmitters and receivers that are precisely tuned to predetermined fmed wavelengths. Robust WDM is an approach aimed at relaxing manujkcturing and operating wavelength tolerance requirements, which will lead to cost effective implementations. In this approach, connections are based on dynamically selected wavelengths as(More)
Many WDM architectures are based onJixed wavelength channels which require the lasers to be tuned to their channels accurately. Achieving this task is difJicult and costly especially in the distributed environments. Robust WDM is an approach that tolerates large laser wavelength variations, due to temperature drifts and manufacturing tolerances. A(More)
"What Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is going to do is start to weaken the foundation of the way we've done things for 100 years…Congress already should be discussing the next telecom bill, " said Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Michael Powell in February 2004, before the United States Senate. The objective of this thesis is to study(More)
In 1997, in his best-selling book The Innovator's Dilemma, Clayton Christensen made critical observations about the conditions under which established firms lose market to entrants with disruptive technology. His work became highly influential, making disruptive technology a buzz word, " thrown around " by the popular media in contexts far beyond(More)
SUMMARY WDM networks depend on predetermined, fixed wavelength channels, requiring highly stable lasers and tunable filters. Robust WDM networks, based on dynamically selected wavelengths, relax manufacturing and operating wavelength tolerance requirements leading to low-cost implementations. A node dynamically selects a currently unused wavelength for(More)
Many organizations today use a bell-curve for performance evaluation process. They reward a small percentage of top performers, encourage a large majority in the middle to improve, and lay-off the bottom performers. Companies believe that such pay-for-performance system encourages employees to perform better. The question we explore in this paper is: does(More)
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