Chintan K. Modi

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BACKGROUND A wide array of fluorescent proteins (FP) is present in anthozoans, although their biochemical characteristics and function in host tissue remain to be determined. Upregulation of FP's frequently occurs in injured or compromised coral tissue, suggesting a potential role of coral FPs in host stress responses. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The(More)
In proteins, functional divergence involves mutations that modify structure and dynamics. Here we provide experimental evidence for an evolutionary mechanism driven solely by long-range dynamic motions without significant backbone adjustments, catalytic group rearrangements, or changes in subunit assembly. Crystallographic structures were determined for(More)
The presence of green fluorescent protein (GFP) within the bioluminescent system of Obelia (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Campanulariidae) was inferred shortly after the discovery of GFP in Aequorea. Despite the enormous success of Aequorea GFP as a genetically encoded fluorescent label, Obelia GFP thus far has been defeating attempts to clone it from the hydroid(More)
This paper addresses the problem of recovering a super-resolved image from a single low resolution input. This is a hybrid approach of single image super resolution. The technique is based on combining an Iterative back projection (IBP) method with the edge preserving Infinite symmetrical exponential filter (ISEF). Though IBP can minimize the reconstruction(More)
The Indian spice industry by and large is primitive yet. Screen cleaner and dust removing are the only operations which are being done alone in the industry. Quality assessment of spices is a very big challenge since time immemorial. In addition to inherent and hygienic features quality depends on its physical appearance, moisture content, composition which(More)
In green-to-red photoconvertible fluorescent proteins, a three-ring chromophore is generated by the light-activated incorporation of a histidine residue into the conjugated π-system. We have determined the pH-rate profile and high- and low-pH X-ray structures of a least evolved ancestor (LEA) protein constructed in the laboratory based on statistical(More)
Compressed Sensing (CS) is a novel approach of reconstructing a sparse signal much below the significant Nyquist rate of sampling. Due to the fact that ECG signals can be well approximated by the few linear combinations of wavelet basis, this work introduces a comparison of the reconstructed ECG signal based on different wavelet families, by evaluating the(More)
Segmentation of dental X-ray image helps to find two major regions of dental X-ray image: 1) gap valley, 2) tooth isolation. Dental radiograph segmentation is a challenging problem because of intensity variation and noise. Traditional algorithms make use of gray and binary intensity integral curves. Using these curves the regions of gap valley and tooth(More)
In this paper location M estimator is used to inspect the over and under fill liquid level of bottle in machine vision system. Different optimal edge detection algorithms such as MarrHilderth algorithm LoG, Canny algorithm and Shen Castan algorithm are used for liquid level inspection in industry until now. The filling level in a bottle is computed as an(More)