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BACKGROUND Race and ethnicity are significant factors in predicting survival time of breast cancer patients. In this study, we applied advanced statistical methods to predict the survival of White non-Hispanic female breast cancer patients, who were diagnosed between the years 1973 and 2009 in the United States (U.S.). MATERIALS AND METHODS Demographic(More)
Evidence-based health promotion programs are effective at reducing health risks and healthcare costs among older adults, but few men participate in the programs. This mixed methods study aimed to gain insight into the barriers to recruiting and engaging older men in evidence-based health promotion programs offered by the Healthy Aging Regional Collaborative(More)
The instant messaging system is an application based system used for communication using the internet service, in real time. Its use and popularity is increasing day by day. Many services and applications have been developed for real time communication so far, among them XMPP and SIP are the widely used. The key functionalities of instant messaging system(More)
This paper is a survey of the work, done for making an IDS fault tolerant.Architecture of IDS that uses mobile Agent provides higher scalability. Mobile Agent uses Platform for detecting Intrusions using filter Agent, co-relater agent, Interpreter agent and rule database. When server (IDS Monitor) goes down, other hosts based on priority takes Ownership.(More)
In a post operative tetralogy of fallot (TOF) physiology patient, abnormal right ventricular (RV) function remains the greatest matter of concern. Due to restrictive RV diastolic dysfunction, there is detectable antegrade diastolic flow in the pulmonary artery during atrial systole. We report a case of 21 year old male patient with total correction done in(More)
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