Chintan A. Shah

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Conventional remote sensing classification techniques that model the data in each class with a multivariate Gaussian distribution are inefficient, as this assumption is generally not valid in practice. We present a novel, Independent Component Analysis (ICA) based approach for unsupervised classification of hyperspectral imagery. ICA, employed for a mixture(More)
—Accurate assessment of land-cover/land-use change is essential for understanding the impacts of global change and necessitates the use of satellite data. Satellite change detection requires large volumes of multitemporal images to be precisely registered. Image registration is particularly difficult in dynamic (i.e., rapidly time varying) landscapes since(More)
Analysis of multi/hyperspectral imagery necessitates a selection of an optimal subset of bands in order to avoid the Hughes phenomena and parameter estimation problems due to interband correlation. This can be achieved by employing feature extraction techniques for significant reduction of data dimensionality. From the perspective of statistical pattern(More)
—Multitemporal remote sensing provides a unique tool to track lake dynamics at the pan-Arctic scale but requires precise registration of thousands of satellite images. This is a challenging task owing to a dearth of stable features to be used as tie points [(TPs), i.e., control points] in the dynamic landscapes. This letter develops an automated method to(More)
Accurate assessment of lake extent and variation is essential for understanding the global hydrological cycle and necessitates the use of satellite data. The intrinsic scale of lake dynamics is finer than the spatial resolution of available images. Lake change detection requires mapping lake shorelines with high positional accuracy as they are employed for(More)
We studied angular distributions of x rays emitted in resonant recombination of highly charged iron and krypton ions, resolving dielectronic, trielectronic, and quadruelectronic channels. A tunable electron beam drove these processes, inducing x rays registered by two detectors mounted along and perpendicular to the beam axis. The measured emission(More)
An inevitable tradeoff between spectral and spatial resolution exists in remote sensing systems and it is essential to integrate information from systems with complementary characteristics to improve data interpretability. Panchromatic (PAN) sharpening is a data fusion technique that merges a high spatial resolution PAN image with lower spatial resolution(More)
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