Chinta Someswara Rao

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String matching plays a dominant role in digital computer world, because it is made up of huge digital information. Digital computer world users often face a problem to extract the relevant information from these huge digital data to their queries. Hence it requires efficient retrieval algorithms for retrieving relevant data from huge digital data. To(More)
In this paper we present a sorting algorithm for natural numbers, which uses the methodology of indexing of the array and insert that number into proper index of the array without performing any element comparisons and swapping. This algorithm efficiently to give a much better performance than the existing sorting algorithms of the O(n2) class, for large(More)
The World Wide Web is, in many respects, a world without barriers. Its openness is highly appealing, if not downright noble. Unfortunately people can take advantage of this electronic latitude to unlawfully take what is not theirs. Efforts aimed at protecting intellectual property are limited to crop up gateways that show lengthy legal documents establish(More)
To increase product competitiveness, current manufacturing enterprises have to deliver their products at reduced cost and high quality in a short time. Traditional production patterns and manufacturing technologies may find it difficult to satisfy the requirements of current product development. Many types of advanced manufacturing techniques, such as(More)
In recent years, emerging applications introduced new constraints for data mining methods. These constraints are typical of a new kind of data. Sequential pattern mining is applicable in this area, since many types of data sets are in a time related format. Besides mining sequential patterns in a single dimension, mining multidimensional sequential patterns(More)
We survey the current techniques to handle with the problem of parallel string matching with computing models. This is becoming a more and more relevant issue for many fast growing areas such as information retrieval and computational biology. We focus on current developments of parallel string matching, computing models, and the central ideas of the(More)
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