Chinnaswamy Appunu

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Heat shock proteins (HSPs) have a major role in stress tolerance mechanisms in plants. Our studies have shown that the expression of HSP70 is enhanced under water stress in Erianthus arundinaceus. In(More)
The diversity among 269 rhizobia isolated from naturally occurring root nodules of soybean collected from two different agro-ecological regions of India, based on RFLP and sequences of the intergenic(More)
DNA helicases are motor proteins that play an essential role in nucleic acid metabolism, by providing a duplex-unwinding function. To improve the drought and salinity tolerance of sugarcane, a(More)
Vigna mungo, Vigna radiata and Vigna unguiculata are important legume crops cultivated in India, but little is known about the genetic resources in native rhizobia that nodulate these species. To(More)
EaDREB2 overexpressed in sugarcane enhanced tolerance to drought and salinity. When co-transformed with plant DNA helicase gene, DREB2 showed greater level of salinity tolerance than in single-gene(More)