Chinnasamy Ramaraj Ramanathan

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The involvement of brain monoamine systems in the discriminative stimulus effects of methamphetamine (MA) was studied in squirrel monkeys by evaluating the effects of differentially selective monoamine uptake inhibitors alone and in combination. In monkeys discriminating i.m. injections of 0.3 mg/kg MA from saline, methamphetamine (0.01-0.3 mg/kg), and(More)
A series of novel fused isoquinolinones with isoindoloisoquinolinone, pyroloisoquinolinone, and benzoquinalizinone skeletons were synthesized from corresponding phenethylimides. The isoquinolinone derivatives were evaluated for their protective effect on chicken erythrocytes subjected to oxidative damage. The effect of isoquinolinone derivatives were(More)
Resolution of the racemic amino alcohol derivatives 1-6 is readily achieved to obtain enantiomerically enriched compounds using chiral 1,1'-bi-2-naphthol and boric acid in solvents such as CH(3)CN, THF, and MeOH. Purification of the diastereomeric mixture 7 has also been carried out following this method. The corresponding intermediate ammonium borate(More)
Activation of imide carbonyl group with trifluoromethanesulfonic acid facilitates the intramolecular cyclization of phenethylphthalimides to give a fused isoindoloisoquinolinone skeleton. The first one pot regioselective synthesis of isoindoloisoquinolinone alkaloid (±)-nuevamine has been successfully executed using this methodology.
An efficient and alternative synthetic approach has been developed to prepare various N-(arylethyl)piperazine-2,6-diones from 4-benzenesulfonyliminodiacetic acid and primary amines using carbonyldiimidazole in the presence of a catalytic amount of DMAP at ambient temperature. Piperazine-2,6-diones are successfully transformed to pharmaceutically useful(More)
An efficient C-C bond formation strategy between aromatic/heteroaromatic π-nucleophiles and Lewis acid activated aldehydes is described. This aromatic electrophilic substitution reaction of arenes or heteroarenes is facilitated by Lewis acid AlBr3. Aromatic rings with electron donating substituents are excellent nucleophilic counterparts in this reaction,(More)
In the title compound, C24H21NO2, the residues at the central ethyl-ene bridge are trans to each other. The dihedral angles between the pyridine and benzene rings are 67.09 (6) and 61.41 (5)°. In the crystal, centrosymmetrically related mol-ecules are linked into dimers by pairs of C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds.
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