Chinnasamy Chitra

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The ability of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo- p-dioxin (TCDD) to induce oxidative stress in various tissues of animals has been reported. The nature and mechanism of action of TCDD on the antioxidant system of sperm has not been studied. In the present study we have sought to investigate whether TCDD induces oxidative stress in the epididymal sperm of rats.(More)
At birth, hepatic 'active' and 'dichloracetate-activated' pyruvate dehydrogenase complex activities in the newborn of normal, mildly diabetic, and severely diabetic rats were similar. The 'active' and 'dichloracetate-activated' pyruvate dehydrogenase complex activities increased significantly during the first 2 and 6 postnatal h, respectively in the three(More)
A new method for the detection of blood vessels that improves the detection of exudates in fundus photographs. The pre-processing method is used to enhance the input image and also for noise removal. The initial estimation of exudates is obtained by segmenting the optic disc and blood vessels from the fundus image. In order to segment the optic disc and(More)
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