Chinmohan Nayak

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This paper highlights the use of Calibration Constant of Test & Measuring (T&M) equipment derived during calibration process, in measurement inference. The equipment user is much interested to find the true value of measurand against the measured quantity. In this paper, the Best-fit-curve is proposed to model a set of test results obtained during(More)
Current authentication practices suffer from many loopholes. To access an online banking facility, a customer with Internet access would need to register with the institution for the service, and set up some password for authentication process. Basically there are two types of password inputs allowed by banking websites these days. The first one is the(More)
Service discovery is one of most challenging issues now-a-days because of the increasing number of services but a very few techniques are available for their efficient discovery. It is worthless if there are abundant services available but we cannot avail our desired services only because of the irrelevant discovery system. The semantic based service(More)
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