Chinmayee Mohapatra

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The giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, is an economically important species. It is a euryhaline shrimp, surviving in wide-range salinity conditions. A change in gene expression has been suggested as an important component for stress management. To better understand the osmoregulatory mechanisms mediated by the gill, a subtractive and(More)
Mammalian Pou5f1 is a known transcriptional regulator involving maintenance of embryonic and spermatogonial stem cells. Little is known about teleost Pou2, an ortholog of mammalian Pou5f1. Evidences of discrepancy in expression pattern between fish species were documented. To better understand, we have cloned and characterized Pou2 gene of farmed rohu carp,(More)
Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger (Plzf), a transcriptional repressor, is involved in survival and maintenance of pluripotent stem cells including embryonic and spermatogonial stem cells in mammals. Its cDNA was characterized and expression in proliferating spermatogonial stem cells of rohu (Labeo rohita), a farmed carp, was documented. In teleost, the(More)
The caseinolytic protease machinery associated chaperone protein ClpC is known to be present in bacteria, plants and other eukaryotes, whereas ClpD is unique to plants. Plant ClpC and ClpD proteins get localized into chloroplast stroma. Herein, we report high resolution crystal structures of the N-terminal domain of Arabidopsis thaliana ClpC1 and ClpD.(More)
Ten recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of pea were selected, on the basis of rust (Uromyces fabae) reaction under screenhouse conditions and molecular makers associated with rust resistance, to study the association of lignification and early abortive fungal colonies in response to attack of U. fabae. The present investigation indicated that partial resistance(More)
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