Chinmayee Choudhury

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This study critically examines the role of conceptual DFT descriptors and docking scores on a diverse set of 156 inhibitors of HIV proteases. Five QSAR models were developed on the basis of available experimental IC(50) values (HIV-I and HIV-IIIB infected MT4 and CEMSS cells and HIV-I infected C8166 cells) and sixth QSAR model was generated by combining the(More)
The therapeutic challenges in the treatment of tuberculosis demand multidisciplinary approaches for the identification of potential drug targets as well as fast and accurate techniques to screen huge chemical libraries. Mycobacterial cyclopropane synthase (CmaA1) has been shown to be essential for the survival of the bacteria due to its critical role in the(More)
Hexadecahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthrene framework (HHCPF) has been considered as one of the privileged scaffolds due to its versatile presence in many biologically essential molecules. In our quest to unravel the privileged nature of this framework, we undertook a systematic analysis of target binding and Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism,(More)
Mycobacterial cyclopropane synthase 1 (CmaA1) is one of the most important drug targets in anti tuberculosis drug discovery as it is responsible for cis-cyclopropanation at the distal position of unsaturated mycolates, which is an essential step for the pathogenicity, persistence and drug resistance. Five representative models of CmaA1 which correspond to(More)
A series of novel naphthyridine derivatives 3 and 4 was prepared from substituted pyridine 2 and ketones using ZnCl2 as catalyst under microwave irradiation conditions. All the compounds were evaluated for AChE inhibitory activity and promising compounds 3d, 3e, 4b, and 4g was identified. Representative compounds 3d and 3e were found to show insignificant(More)
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