Chinmaya Kumar Nayak

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The Routing misbehavior in MANETs (Mobile Ad Hoc Networks) is considered in this paper. Commonly routing protocols for MANETs [1] are designed based on the assumption that all participating nodes are fully cooperative. Routing protocols for MANETs are based on the assumption which are, all participating nodes are fully cooperative. Node misbehaviors may(More)
Abstract: In this research, we attempt to envisage the mirror application using semiconductor photonic crystal with the help of photonic bandgap analysis. The photonic bandgap of photonic crystal structure is simulated using plane wave expansion method, where photonic crystal is realized by 2D triangular photonic crystal structure with gallium arsenide as(More)
Now a days, in every communication channel there is a necessity of transmission of messages securely from sender to the authentic receiver. In recent years, for different information transfer systems, a number of data encryption techniques has been evolved. Several encryption approaches based on permutation have been proposed by various researchers. In this(More)
Mobile ad hoc network does not have traffic concentration points such as gateway or access points which perform behavior monitoring of individual nodes. Therefore, maintaining the network function for normal nodes when other nodes do not route and forward correctly is a big challenge. This paper, address the behavior based anomaly detection technique(More)
Wireless sensor network consists of multiple numbers of sensor nodes which are densely deployed in an unattended environment with the capabilities of sensing, wireless communications, and computations. Due to various factors, several deviations can occur in wireless sensor networks that may lead into energy holes. If holes are not detected at early stage,(More)
Today web is going towards the multimedia data in which image covers the highest percentage of it. But with the ever-increasing growth of multimedia applications, security is an important aspect in communication and storage of images, and encryption is the way to ensure security. Image encryption techniques try to convert original image to another image(More)
In this paper, the diurnal and seasonal variations of the ionospheric slab thickness in an ionosonde chain over magnetic equator of Southeast Asia are studied. Three ionosonde stations of SEALION project located along the magnetic meridian of 100°E are selected to investigate, including two stations in Thailand, namely Chumphon and Chiang Mai, and(More)
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