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The authors describe diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) changes in the hippocampus within 48 hours of acute symptomatic seizures or status epilepticus in 12 patients. DWI showed increased signal and a decreased apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) in all patients, with corresponding lactate detected on MRS in six(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Collateral circulation plays a vital role in patients with steno-occlusive disease, in particular for predicting stroke outcome. Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) is the gold standard for the assessment of collateral circulation, despite its invasive nature. Recently, the development of a new class of arterial spin labeling (ASL)(More)
During early neurodevelopment, asymmetric segregation of Numb in mitotic progenitor cells influences the fate of daughter cells, whereby one daughter retains the progenitor phenotype while the other proceeds along a differentiation pathway. Numb has also been reported to function as a tumor suppressor in breast cancers and medulloblastomas. Given its role(More)
Log monitoring techniques to characterize system and user behavior have gained significant popularity. Some common applications of study of systems logs are syslog mining to detect and predict system failure behavior, Web log mining to characterize Web usage patterns, and error/debug log analysis for detecting anomalies. In this paper, we discuss our(More)
Susac syndrome (SS) is a clinical triad of hearing loss, retinal artery occlusion and encephalopathy. The typical MR imaging findings of multiple focal lesions in the corpus callosum and subcortical white matter can be easily misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis. On diffusion-weighted (DW) MR imaging, new lesions were hyperintense, with reduced apparent(More)
We study regression M-estimates in the setting where p, the number of covariates, and n, the number of observations, are both large, but p ≤ n. We find an exact stochastic representation for the distribution of β = argmin(β∈ℝ(p)) Σ(i=1)(n) ρ(Y(i) - X(i')β) at fixed p and n under various assumptions on the objective function ρ and our statistical model. A(More)
SUMMARY We describe 2 cases of diffusion-weighted (DW) MR imaging in hypoglycemic coma. One patient, with diffuse cortical lesions, had a poor outcome, but the other, with transient white matter abnormalities, made a complete recovery. The distinctive patterns of DW MR imaging abnormalities in hypoglycemic patients should be recognized and may be a(More)
Astrocytic tumors are the most common intracranial neoplasms. Their prognoses correlate with a conventional morphological grading system that suffers from diagnostic subjectivity and hence, inter-observer inconsistency. A molecular marker that provides an objective reference for classification and prognostication of astrocytic tumors would be useful in(More)
Hyperglycemic choreoathetosis (HC) is an uncommon syndrome often associated with hyperintensity of the basal ganglia on MRI. We performed a retrospective review of cases with HC to characterize the clinical, biochemical, and neuroimaging (CT, MRI, and MR spectroscopy) findings and to propose a mechanism for this syndrome. Seven HC patients with a mean age(More)