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An acoustic wave actuated microgenerator for power system applications in mobile phone was design, fabricated, and characterized. We used the acoustic wave of human voices or speakerphone by way of an electromagnetic transducer to produce electrical power for charging or to run a portable electronic device. The proposed microgenerator is composed of a(More)
This study proposes an optically driven complex micromachine with an Archimedes microscrew as the mechanical power, a sphere as a coupler, and three knives as the mechanical tools. The micromachine is fabricated by two-photon polymerization and is portably driven by optical tweezers. Because the microscrew can be optically trapped and rotates spontaneously,(More)
The phase locking control method to ensure the operating of MEMS actuators at their resonant frequency is presented. In this study, the control algorithm was simulated by the MATLAB. Further, an optical scanner fabricated using the SOI wafer was employed to demonstrate the present technique. Thus the variation of the scanning angle resulted from the offset(More)
This paper present a new type of electroplating Nickel micromachined probes with out-of-plane predeformation for the next generation integrated circuit (IC) chip testing probe card application. It was fabricated using silicon bulk etching, Ti deposition and Ni electroplating process. We use the residual stress effect of thin films deposition to cause the(More)
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