Ching Yuan Hu

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Myostatin is a dominant inhibitor of skeletal muscle development and growth. As transgenic over-expression of myostatin propeptide dramatically enhanced muscle mass, we hypothesized that administration of myostatin propeptide will increase muscle growth. In this study, the wild-type form of porcine myostatin propeptide and its mutated form at the cleavage(More)
1. Antisera against chicken adipocytes were developed in sheep. These crude antisera showed a high degree of reactivity to adipocyte plasma membranes but also cross-reacted to a lesser extent with other tissues. 2. Antisera cross-reactivity was removed by adsorption of the antisera with various chicken tissue plasma membranes. 3. Antisera reacted with(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a new immunobead binding test (IBT) procedure that will detect sperm antibody in cervical mucus (CM), especially in very small samples of mucus. DESIGN After the interaction of donor sperm with bromelin-dissolved CM, the motile sperm cells were separated from other cells and debris and then tested with a standard immunobead method. (More)
Heidenhain pouches, in dogs with simple gastric fistulae, were distended with saline (30, 60 and 90 ml). Pouch acid and pepsin increased linearly with increasing saline volume. Additional pentagastrin augmented the acid but antagonized the pepsin responses. Atropine depressed both the acid and pepsin responses to distention. Ganglionic blockade and local(More)
The toxicity of 1-phenylcyclohexene (PC), a pyrolysis product of phencyclidine (PCP), and its interaction with PCP were evaluated. The ip LD50 of PC in Swiss male mice was 22 mmol/kg. Treatment of mice with PC at 2.2 mmol/kg/day, ip, for up to 7 days increased the liver/body weight ratio, which returned to normal within 7 days after PC withdrawal. Increases(More)
While design security is often thought of in terms of protecting intellectual property (IP), the potential losses extend beyond just the financial. With the expansion of the use of programmable logic beyond commercial markets to avionic and military applications, design security takes on the additional aspects of safety and national security. Solutions for(More)
Daily administration of soman for several days results in several alterations in the vascular neuroeffector system. To determine whether or not soman alters intracellular Ca2+ uptake, the effects of acute exposure to soman or 7-day administration of 5 micrograms kg-1 of soman on the capacity of microsomes and mitochondria from rabbit aortic vascular smooth(More)
  • C Y Hu
  • 1991
This paper summarized the recent development of research on platelet-activating factor (PAF), and its role in the fertilization and implantation of human OVA, and its implication to contraceptive research. Clinical studies found that PAF concentration in spermatozoa increased from 0.5pg/million right after ejaculation to 28pg/million 24 hours later. The(More)