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The notion of universal designated-verifier signatures was put forth by Steinfeld et. al. in Asiacrypt 2003. This notion allows a signature holder to designate the signature to a desired designated-verifier. In this paper, we extend this notion to allow a signature holder to designate the signature to multi verifiers, and hence, we call our scheme as(More)
When an RFID tag changes hand, it is not as simply as handing over the tag secret to the new owner. Privacy is a concern if there is no secure ownership transfer scheme to aid the transfer. After sales service and temporary tag delegation are also features commonly seen in such applications. In this paper, we proposed a new RFID ownership transfer scheme(More)
Dynamic ad hoc networks facilitate interconnections between mobile devices without the support of any network infrastructure. In this paper, we propose a secure identity-based ad hoc protocol for mobile devices to construct a group key for a setup of a secure communication network in an efficient way and support dynamic changing of network topology. Unlike(More)
Consider a situation where a secret agent wants to authenticate herself to the other secret agents. This secret agent must be able to convince the others of her identity. She cannot convince any other people other than those predetermined secret agents. This is to avoid problems that might occur if this secret agent would like to 'betray' her group. On the(More)
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