Ching-Yu Hsieh

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This study investigates bioactivities and active phytochemicals of the extracts of twigs and branches from the indigenous Taiwanese tree Acacia confusa Merr. The bioassay-guided fractionation yielded 8 potent antioxidative phytochemicals. Catechins are the major components in the extract of 5 cm branch bark, including catechin,(More)
Acacia confusaMerr. (Leguminosae), a species native to Taiwan, is widely distributed on the hills and lowlands of Taiwan, and has been traditionally used as a medicine. In this study, phytochemicals and antioxidant activities of hot water extracts from A. confusa leaves were investigated for the first time. Among all the fractions from hot water extracts of(More)
Face recognition is an important issue in image analysis and understanding. Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) has been widely used in face recognition. However, the LDA-based face recognition methods usually encountered the small sample size (SSS) problem. The SSS problem occurs when the number of samples is far smaller than the dimensionality of the(More)
This study proposes a yield-to-maturity (YTM)-based genetic portfolio selection model with user defined constraints, namely YTMGPSM. A set of real numbers are encoded into a chromosome to form a possible portfolio, which presents whether buy or not buy and purchased units of assets. The fitness value of a chromosome is evaluated by return on investment,(More)
Since various objective functions should be considered for optimizing the portfolio, this study proposes a multi-objective genetic portfolio optimization approach with user's requests for deriving Pareto solutions. The two objective functions used in this study are return on investment and suitability of a portfolio. The suitability of a chromosome consists(More)
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