Ching-Yi Huang

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Many diseases occur when the immune system is weakened. Intracellular signals activate immuno-responsive cells to produce cytokines that modulate the immune response. Schisandra chinensis has been used traditionally to treat general fatigue, neurasthenia, and spontaneous sweating. In the present study, the effect of constituents of S. chinensis on cytokine(More)
BACKGROUND Most traditional Chinese herbal formulas consist of at least four herbs. Four-Agents-Decoction (Si Wu Tang) is a documented eight hundred year old formula containing four herbs and has been widely used to relieve menstrual discomfort in Taiwan. However, no specific effect had been systematically evaluated. We applied Western methodology to assess(More)
Power consumption has become one of the primary challenges in meeting Moore's law. Fortunately, Single-Electron Transistor (SET) at room temperature has been demonstrated as a promising device for extending Moore's law due to its ultra low power consumption during operation. An automated mapping approach for the SET architecture has been proposed recently(More)
Rewiring is a well developed and widely used technique in the synthesis and optimization of traditional Boolean logic designs. The threshold logic is a new alternative logic representation to Boolean logic which poses a compactness characteristic of representation. Nowadays, with the advances in nanomaterials, research on multi-level synthesis,(More)
Mutation Analysis (MA) is a fault-based simulation technique that is used to measure the quality of testbenches in error (mutant) detection. Although MA effectively reports the living mutants to designers, it suffers from the high simulation cost. This paper presents a probabilistic MA preprocessing technique, Error Propagation Analysis (EPA), to speed up(More)
—Power consumption has become one of the primary challenges to meet the Moore's law. For reducing power consumption , Single-Electron Transistor (SET) at room temperature has been demonstrated as a promising device for extending Moore's law due to its ultra-low power consumption during operation. Prior work has proposed an automated mapping approach for SET(More)
—Recently, single-electron transistors (SETs) have been attracting substantial attention and are considered candidate devices for future integrated circuits due to their ul-tralow power consumption. To realize SETs, a binary decision diagram-based SET array is proposed as a suitable candidate for implementing Boolean circuits. Then, some works started(More)
Threshold logic has been known as an alternative representation of Boolean logic due to its compactness characteristic. Recently, the developments in advanced nanotechnologies have also promised efficient implementations of threshold logic gates. Thus, many synthesis methodologies for threshold logic circuits have been proposed. Since threshold logic has a(More)
—Recently, many works have been focused on synthesis , verification, and testing of threshold circuits due to the rapid development in efficient implementation of threshold logic circuits. To minimize the hardware cost of threshold circuit implementation, this paper proposes a heuristic that consists of rewiring operations and a simplification procedure.(More)