Ching-Yen Ho

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This paper presents an analytical approach to thermal behaviors of laser welding of polymers. Laser polymers processing leads to various thermal, photophysical, and photochemical processes within the bulk and on the material surface. The understanding of these processes is beneficial to obtaining the high quality precision engineering of polymers. The(More)
This paper utilizes non-Fourier two-temperature heat conduction model to investigate the temperature field in nanometer-sized thin films irradiated by an ultrashort-pulse laser. Ultrashort-pulse laser processing for nanometer-sized devices is usually applied in MEMS and nanotechnology. For ultrashort-pulse laser interaction with metals, the two-temperature(More)
This paper analytically investigates scattering and absorption of a polymer microparticle for laser. Micrometer- and nanometer-sized particles possess characteristic physical and chemical properties different from those of bulk materials. Based on the measurement of radiation pressure exerted on a particle, the absorption analysis of a polymer microparticle(More)
In this study the thermal field is presented for pulse laser processing of nanoscale Au films. Fourier law is inadequate for describing the heat conduction in nanoscale process due to the boundary scattering and the finite relaxation time of heat carriers. In the regime where the particle description of electrons and phonons is valid, the Boltzmann equation(More)
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