Ching-Yao Lai

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The femtosecond inter-Landau-level dynamics of a two-dimensional electron gas in a large magnetic field is investigated by degenerate four-wave mixing on modulation doped quantum wells. We observe a large transfer of oscillator strength to the lowest Landau level, and unusual dynamics due to Coulomb correlation. We interpret the effects using a model based(More)
Cracks filled with fluid propagation when the pressurized fluid is injected into the crack. Subsequently, when the fluid inlet is exposed to a lower pressure, the fluid flows backwards (backflow) and the crack closes due to the elastic relaxation of the solid. Here we study the dynamics of the crack closure during the backflow. We find that the crack radius(More)
The dynamics of fluid-driven cracks in an elastic matrix is studied experimentally. We report the crack radius R(t) as a function of time, as well as the crack shapes w(r,t) as a function of space and time. A dimensionless parameter, the pressure ratio Δpf/Δpv, is identified to gauge the relative importance between the toughness (Δpf) and viscous (Δpv)(More)
An examination of body cavity fluid specimens with correlated light, transmission and scanning electron microscopy revealed several surface features that distinguished between malignant cells and atypical mesothelial cells. The microvilli of malignant cells generally were widely distributed and showed a variation in appearance, irregular overlapping and the(More)
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