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Asymmetric zinc-Reformatsky reaction of Evans chiral imide with acetophenones and its application to the stereoselective synthesis of triazole antifungal agents
Abstract The Ni(acac)2 catalytic ZnEt2-mediated asymmetric Reformatsky-type reaction of Evans chiral imide with various acetophenones was studied. The chiral imido zinc enolate, which was formedExpand
Synthesis of optically active α-aminobenzolactam via an oxidative–cyclization reaction
Abstract A convergent pathway for the asymmetric synthesis of (−)-α-aminobenzolactam 1 is described. For the first time, the key intermediate N -methoxybenzolactam 8 was prepared from lExpand
Determination of trace indium in urine after preconcentration with a chelating-resin-packed minicolumn.
The method developed was successfully applied to analysis of spiked urine samples with good recoveries of 93-103% (n = 6) and reproducibility (relative standard deviation < 4.9%). Expand
Formal synthesis of the ACE inhibitor benazepril x HCl via an asymmetric aza-Michael reaction.
A formal enantioselective synthesis of benazepril.HCl (4), an anti- hypertensive drug, is reported. Our synthesis employed an asymmetric aza-Michael addition of L-homophenylalanine ethyl ester (LHPE,Expand
Asymmetric synthesis of ACE inhibitor-Benazepril HCl via a bioreductive reaction
Abstract An enantioselective synthesis of the potent angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor (2 S , 3′ S )-2-(1-carboxymethyl-2-oxo-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1 H -benzo[ bExpand
BF3-promoted synthesis of diarylhexahydrobenzo[f]isoquinoline.
The overall transformation from 4-arylpiperidin-3-one to benzo[f]isoquinoline proceeds via ring contraction, chain elongation, and intramolecular electrophilic cyclization in moderate yields and presents a novel rearrangement reaction catalyzed by boron trifluoride etherate. Expand
An efficient synthesis of the C27-C45 fragment of lagunamide A, a cyclodepsipeptide with potent cytotoxic and antimalarial properties
An efficient and stereoselective synthesis of the entire C27–C45 moiety of lagunamide A has been achieved from 1-[(4S)-4-benzyl-2-thioxothiazolidin-3-yl]propan-1-one in six steps with 22% overallExpand
First total synthesis of louisianin A.
The first total synthesis of louisianin A, 4-allyl-6,7-dihydro-1-hydroxycyclopenta[c]pyridin-5-one, is achieved from 2-chloro-4-cyanopyridine 5 via seven steps in an overall 24% yield. The key stepExpand
Structurally well-characterized zinc complexes bearing imine-benzotriazole phenoxide ligands: Synthesis, photoluminescent properties and catalysis for carbon dioxide/epoxide coupling
Abstract New imine-benzotriazole phenol ligands, RFuIBTP-H were prepared from the condensation of 3-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-2-hydroxy-5-alkyl-benzaldehyde (R = C1 for alkyl = CH3; R = C8 for alkyl =Expand
A Short and Efficient Synthesis of a Novel Diarylheptanoid Isolated from Pleuranthodium Racemigerum
The first total synthesis of the linear diarylheptanoid 1-(4″-methoxyphenyl)-7-(4′-hydroxyphenyl)-(E)-hept-2-ene, which has a uniquely nonconjugated olefin, was achieved. The synthetic route employedExpand