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Improving the hardware efficiency of video coding LSI like MPEG-4/H.264 is a recent design trend in implementing multi-media systems aimed at high-throughput design for high definition (HD) video [1] and low-power design for portable video [2]. However, it is difficult to trade-off power consumption and video quality like programmable processors do for(More)
One of the major challenges for a wireless network design is the efficient authentication scheme. A mobile node (MN) attached to a WLAN and then moved into an area where the radio signal coverage from the access point (AP) does not exist. The mobile node may reconfigure itself into ad hoc mode and connect to this network. Before the mobile node using the(More)
Weblog is a good paradigm of online social network which constitutes web-based regularly updated journals with reverse chronological sequences of dated entries, usually with blogrolls on the sidebars, allowing bloggers link to favorite site which they are frequently visited. In this study we propose a blog recommendation mechanism that combines trust model,(More)